🟠 🟠 🟠  We offer comprehensive design planning services starting with building a 3D computer model of your existing house (or just the area under consideration for design) or future new home. The model is like those that you see on HGTV or other design shows. We can use that model to test ideas and help you "see" what you would like to build or remodel prior to starting so you know how it will look related to your existing house or the building site. Because we work in 3D, you can understand how what you build will actually look and work from inside and outside. The model is totally interactive, so we can make changes and work on the design together so that you can see alternatives in real time. Once we have a design you like, we convert all of the drawings into a booklet full of schematic construction drawings, photos and other sketches you can use in working with a builder or to build yourself.  🟠 🟠 🟠

Introduction to B-Squared Design Studio

FAQ - Service Fees and Budgeting

FAQ - Construction Drawings

🟠 🟠 🟠  We generally start by setting up a meeting/interview, so we can hear what you are thinking and want to achieve. The meeting takes 1-2 hours and helps us understand how you live in the house and what your priorities and long-term goals are. Based on the interview, we better understand the project and know how much we need to "build" in the computer and can answer questions and give you a proposed cost.  For the interview meeting, we charge a flat fee which is credited to the project if you decide to accept the proposal and move forward with the design work. 🟠 🟠 🟠

Online Project Walk-Through

Online Project Walk-Through

🟠  About Brenda 🟠


β€’MA Architecture – University of Florida

β€’B.S. Merchandising – Florida State University

β€’American Institute of Architects – Member

Favorite Aspects of Design:

β€’3D model building and space planning

β€’Giving older homes new life and connecting new homes to the site & views

β€’All styles and ideas are interesting and welcome

Behind the Scenes:

β€’It's always a good time for coffee

β€’Loves having travel to look forward to

β€’Every day should be "Bring your Dog to Work" Day

🟠  About Ali 🟠


β€’BAA Interior Design – Central Michigan University

Favorite Aspects of Design:

β€’Helping to execute a client’s vision with 3D modeling

β€’Navigating and learning new design software

β€’Technical details and construction coordination

Behind the Scenes:

β€’Spends most days chasing around her two little boys

β€’Enjoys cooking, healthy foods and craft beer

β€’Likes going for walks while podcasting

Human ResourcesΒ 

🟠 Bean Skeel 🟠

Head of Security

🟠 Mrs. Garrett 🟠


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Sophia Chen - 2023

Lauren Jensen - 2022

Taylor Bryan - 2021

Alex Westendorf - 2020

Megan Donley - 2020

Paige Leslie - 2019

Bryanna Rich - 2019

Rachel Buckley - 2018

Kaelah English - 2018

Adham Tahoun - 2017

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